August 2019

Graciela Cascio gets the pilot Dermatology Fellows Award from Melanoma Research Alliance

July 2019

Piskounova lab turns 2!

March 2019

Leona Nease successfully passes her qualifying exam and becomes an official PhD candidate!


November 2019

Piskounova lab gets funded by the Emerson Collective to study the role of NAD+ kinase in cancer metastasis

July 2018 

Piskounova lab turns 1 year old!

May 2018

Leona Nease, a new graduate student in the pharmacology program, joins the lab

April 2018

Piskounova Lab is awarded the Ellen and Gary Davis Foundation - Melanoma Research Alliance - Collaboratively- Funded Young Investigator Award


March 2018

Graciela Cascio, the first post-doctoral fellow, joins the lab

February 2018

Elsbeth Kane, the first member of the lab, gets accepted to Veterinary School 

Elsbeth is choosing between Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, Tufts University,  Colorado State University, Washington State University, Iowa State University and Royal Veterinary College of London, UK

​​​December 2017

Piskounova Lab is awarded the Kellen Junior Faculty Fellowship 

Through a generous gift from the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation, the Dean has established the Kellen Junior Faculty Fellowship Program at Weill Cornell Medicine.  This program is designed to provide support to outstanding newly appointed junior female faculty at the instructor or assistant professor levels. 

July 2017

Piskounova Lab is Up and Running!

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